Friday, 26 February 2016

It's been a while...

It's been four years...! My girly is now 6 years old. We've been married for almost 8 years and young Mr Fox helped himself to about 9 of my chickens during the winters.. Life goes on!

 Every spring we can't wait to see the new lambs in the field.
We don't actually keep sheep, but another farmer uses our fields and it's lovely to be 'part' of it.

Life is good when the sun is out! Yasmin loves  playing outside (these are from 2013)

For a while I dabbled in tutu making... it was fun while it lasted

We made a guitar cake for Daddy's birthday!

Another tutu and a gorgeous model :)

Glass Painting is my new passion and I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest... I will be putting my own ideas on there, for others to use :)

 In September 2013 we visited South Africa again. 
Local beaches are usually full of sand art for tourist to enjoy

 Wild flowers are Calla Lilies
 instead of Daffodils like in the UK

We came accross this odd 'saloon' restaurant where you can feed a donkey and donate money towards the wellbeing of donkeys all round.

It also had this tiny little museum with a few interesting pieces.

November 2013
Yasmin wanted a mermaid party! I went all out!

Pirate bananas

Seaweed decorations from our local scraps store

Made a photoboard

Ordered a mermaid cake

Octopus sausages

Blue Jelly made by using food colouring 

That's pretty much our 2013 covered.

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