Friday, 29 October 2010

Keep Smiling - Folksy Friday

I was looking at my little Yasmin earlier, all teary-eyed and knawing on her toes to stop the teething itch. Poor baby! We forget that sometimes it's very hard to be a little person, with all the change that's going on in their ever changing lives. So my folksy friday was inspired by my little teething monkey in hoping that all her teething problems will result in a beautiful smile soon. Not that I mind gummy smiles!

So from me to you... Keep smiling, whatever you do!


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Showcase Sunday - More fellow crafters

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Expensive Day!

So this morning we headed off to Plymouth to go get a tv.. and we did.. and a video camera, and a toy for Yasmin! Very expensive trip for us, but Hubby is happy, Yasmin is happy and despite promising myself and Kevin that I would not add to my stash, I saw a bargain and ended up with this:

So Mummy is happy also!

I finished a baby hat on the way back from the city, so the day wasn't totally wasted.

I also finished  a fluffy bandana off that's been lying around for ages and just needed a crochet edge. It's really great for keeping ears warm, lol!

Now I get to sit and watch Dear Husband set up the tv..for hours. You gotta get that colour balance jussst right, you know.

Craft Carousel: The Carousel

Craft Carousel: The Carousel: "Heres how it works - Take a look though the featured shops, Choose any item, Then check the comments below to make sure that 'shop spot' is ..."

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My latest items

It's taken me ages to do this one. Sometimes I hate working with thin needles, but the result is so much more rewarding!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Union Cool Jack

Living in South Africa for most of my life (so far), we always considered wearing anything 'Union Jack' as ultra cool and associated with Punk and Anarchy lifestyles that we as wannabe rebels could only dream of. This inspired my Sunday blog this week. All these were found on where very talented people sell their handcrafted items and is a great way to celebrate my new status of British Citizen after marrying my husband 3 years ago and moving here to be with him in his home country. Clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the sellers shop page.