Sunday, 17 October 2010

Union Cool Jack

Living in South Africa for most of my life (so far), we always considered wearing anything 'Union Jack' as ultra cool and associated with Punk and Anarchy lifestyles that we as wannabe rebels could only dream of. This inspired my Sunday blog this week. All these were found on where very talented people sell their handcrafted items and is a great way to celebrate my new status of British Citizen after marrying my husband 3 years ago and moving here to be with him in his home country. Clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the sellers shop page.


  1. I once saw a Union Jack SMEG fridge... that was super cool :-)
    BTW did you know that the flag is actually only the Union Jack when it is on a ship... otherwise it's just the Union flag (something like that!)

  2. What a great lookng blog! I might be coming to you for some lessons.....
    Fabulous post and thank you so much for featuring me - twice!! Such an honour :)
    Best of luck and i will start to follow you. Oh and I have tweeted your post - hope this is okay :)

  3. hello! Thank you so much for featuring me. I've added this to my FB page too!

    Good luck and enjoy your blog!


  4. Thanks guys! Now I've just gone and given myself even less hours in the day, hehe! I love it though. Thanks for the support!

  5. Hello, thanks for featuring my magnets, loving all your choices.
    Carolyn x